No need to purchase and service cleaning equipment. From the basics like vacuum cleaners and mop buckets to more high-tech equipment such as floor waxers extractors, you don’t have to worry if something breaks, needs a part, or doesn’t do the job. Servicing and maintaining the equipment is on us so your commercial office space looks great all the time!
Reduced Liability for Certification and Injuries. You may not be aware that handling certain chemicals and pieces of equipment requires accreditation. But it’s our job to know. We manage all the training and certification of our employees and making sure those certifications stay up-to-date as regulations, machinery, and ingredients change. We also are responsible if there is, unfortunately, an injury or exposure during the cleaning process.
Specialty services as your needs change. Let’s face it, there is always routine cleaning to do, but sometimes life surprises you. A leak, flooding, an accident, a bug infestation, mold all of these things create special cleaning needs that are only a phone call away to your commercial cleaning service. We’re prepared to step in when a cleaning situation arises, whether it’s something as unusual as a stray animal wreaking havoc or as mundane as a thorough cleaning before an event or inspection (or after an office party), your commercial cleaning service is your partner.

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